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We offer very extensive diagnostics, on the physical and on the mental level. We take enough time for this. In addition to any necessary laboratory or equipment-supported diagnostics, we attach particular importance to detailed discussions with you.

Based on this, we create a very individual personal treatment concept in the sense of integrative medicine, which we discuss intensively with you.

Quick help is of course also possible for simple (general) medical problems.


We treat psychosomatic illnesses according to the latest findings.  

From the various methods of psychotherapy, we determine the optimal variant for you personally or, if necessary, the integrative combination of several methods.

We offer medical hypnosis as a very special form of therapy.

The diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders is also part of our offer.

For all questions in connection with a Covid-19 infection, from the acute phase to support with long Covid symptoms, you have a competent point of contact and assistance with us who has the very latest knowledge.

Vaccination is of course also possible with us. We will be happy to answer all of them in detail  Questions you have about it.

We specialize in people who  Have concerns or fears about vaccination.

Advice and treatment are also possible by phone or online with video , gladly at times that are convenient for you, including (late) evenings and on weekends .

  •  Integrative Medicine

  • General Medicine

  •  Psychosomatics

  • Psychotherapy

  •  Medical Hypnosis

  • Smoking cessation

  • Sleep medicine

  •  (Long) Covid 19 -Advice and treatment

  •  Vaccination

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